This Year’s Lineup

 All Concerts in   Courthouse Park
 Friday Nights  July 7th  July 14th  July 21st  July 28th
 Headliner (7:45-9pm)  The Rods  Unknown Jones  Baked   Shrimp  Vanessa Collier
 Opener (6:45-7:30pm)  Dracula   Jones  Digger Jones  Judah  Fall Creek Brass   Band
 Acoustic (6-6:30pm)  Matt   Barnes  Unknown   Woodsmen  Rachel   Beverly  Bradford Allen

Free Admission For All Ages

21+Over Beer and Wine Bar

Doors at 5pm | Music at 6pm

Courthouse Park | Downtown Cortland

The CFCU Main Street Music Series Brought To You By:

Every Friday Night In July